Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet 18

낭랑18세 / Nang Rang 18 Seh also known as Sweet 18, Little Bride, 18 Year Old Bride is a South Korean love comedy produced by KBS and was first aired on January 19, 2004. It focuses on both personal and clan-level relationships between Jung-sook, a member of Papyeong's Yun clan, and Hyuk-joon, a member of Andong's Kwon clan. Both clans had hoped for re-establishing good relations after being separated for three generations by war, by arranging a marriage between Jung-sook and Hyuk-joon upon Jung-sook's birth.

The story about the love between a seemingly incompatible couple, Jung-sook a starry-eyed and mischievous high school girl and Hyuk-joon an all-conquering and powerful public prosecutor. They overcome their age difference and an equally vast gap in social status and upbringing to weave a cute yet great story of love in a comical spin.

Genre: Romance/Comedy, Origin: South Korea, Episodes:16, Originally Aired:KBS, Year:2004

Main Cast:
Han Ji-hye 한지혜 as Yoon Jung-sook (Lea Yoon)
Lee Dong-Gun 이동건 as Kwon Hyuk-joon (Matthew Kwon)

GMA 7 Network, Philippines bought the rights for the show and aired this sometime May of 2005.
In the Tagalog dubbed episodes Yoon Jung-sook is Lea Yoon and Kwon Hyuk-joon is Matthew Kwon.

You can watch Sweet 18 episodes with English subtitles here.